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Creativity Sparks Creativity

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I started writing because I love telling stories, I love the human experience, and I love the power of words. It never occurred to me that by putting my ideas out into the world, others would follow suit. But it makes sense: creativity often sparks creativity.

I got a response to my first haiku, written in haiku form, to which I had the pleasure of responding in kind, with another haiku. So fun!

While sharing some of the category ideas for this blog, a friend envisioned a compilation book that could turn into a course to teach.

Another friend sent me a text, waxing poetic about the content of a recent haiku, and said he had been inspired to do some journaling.

Yet another friend asked about the syllable structure of haikus, so she could write her own.

When I encounter art, something in me is awakened. I start to see the world in a more expansive way, informed by the views expressed by the artist.

When we show up in our creativity and take risks, it empowers others to do the same.

Follow the scent of whimsy, and enjoy the journey of creating. You just might inspire someone else along the way.

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