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Guys & Dolls: Miss Adelaide

Dir. Dan Kelley | Choreo. Chrissy Ardito | Stage Door Theatre, FL

Jill Taylor Anthony provides the very best moments in the role of Miss Adelaide, the doll who has been waiting 14 years for her guy, Nathan Detroit (Justin Lore), to finally tie the knot.  Her timing is terrific; her voice just right for the songs; her demeanor winsome – altogether a winning combination.

Chicago Critic

Mame: Agnes Gooch

Dir. Dan Kelley | Choreo. Chrissy Ardito | Stage Door Theatre, FL

…solid, stolid nanny Agnes Gooch (Jill Taylor Anthony).  Frumpy Gooch, moving from naivety through experience, via Mame's encouragement and makeover, is hilarious.


Prudy headshot 2.jpg

Hairspray: Female Authority Figure

Dir./Choreo. Antoinette DiPietropolo | The Argyle Theatre, NY

… an exhilarating production, overflowing with high energy and big talent.  … knee deep in colorful quirky characters.

- Broadway World

Bend and Snap_Kyle.jpg

Legally Blonde: Paulette

Dir. Jeffrey B. Moss | Choreo. Bob Richards | National Tour

Dir./Choreo. Antoinette DiPietropolo | The Argyle Theatre, NY

Just when you think there's enough talent to bring down the house, in walks the next big star Jill Taylor Anthony as Paulette. With her manicure kit and powerful voice, Ms. Anthony commands the salon and lures us in with her musical madness. ... make sure you bring Ms. Anthony ... to Broadway!

- Broadway World

Paulette (Jill Taylor Anthony) is endearing and lovable - you root for her to “find her Brendan,” and laugh out loud as she pines over Kyle.

- The Theatre Guide

42nd Street: Maggie Jones

Dir. Ryan Gibbs | Choreo. Dann Dunn | Allenberry Playhouse, PA

… has given audiences glitz, glamour, and girls, and plenty of tap, and some attractive leads with good voices.

- Broadway World

Oklahoma!: Ado Annie

Dir. Sarah Norris | Choreo. Kerry Lambert | Allenberry Playhouse, PA

Jill Taylor Anthony’s Ado Annie is positively riotous…

- Broadway World

…some of the real pleasures are provided by secondary characters who are given their own scene-stealing moments … with excellent performances from … Jill Taylor Anthony as the overly agreeable Ado Annie.

- PennLive

Dixie Swim Club: Jeri Neal

Dir. Ryan Gibbs | Allenberry Playhouse, PA

Jill Taylor Anthony is extremely funny as Jeri Neal, the sister who became … a sister.

… every one of these women has her moment to shine throughout the production … and Jeri Neal's desire to make a major change in her life, (is) so delightful.

… well-performed by a talented group of actors.

- Broadway World

Steel Magnolias: Truvy

Dir. Susan Haefner | Playhouse on Park, CT

…Truvy Jones, portrayed by the excellent Jill Taylor Anthony, … can be both sassy and sweet and she helps anchor the show throughout….

- Talkin' Broadway

Ms. Taylor Anthony's Truvy is caring, quick with a word of advice and frequently the mother hen of the group. She makes the character her own and brings a Delta Burke-like southern charm to the role.

- Broadway World

Dir. Dan Kelley | Stage Door Theatre, FL

Rumors: Chris

*2012 Carbonell Award for Best Ensemble of a Play or Musical 

… a superb, breathless production of this sophisticated, balls-to-the-wall comedy. ... a cast with the ability to keep up with Simon’s witty, ratatat repartee is absolutely crucial to the play’s success, and … there’s not a rotten egg in the bunch.  … everybody impresses at one point or another; the end result feels both exhaustively rehearsed and utterly spontaneous.  ... I was particularly taken with Jill Taylor Anthony, a natural comedian as the dotty, giggly, frequently soused Chris….

Boca Mag Review

A Comedy of Tenors: Maria

Dir. Jimmy Smagula | Millbrook Playhouse, PA

The three women in the show, though they play the stock characters of ingenue, wife, and mistress, bring skilled comic timing to their roles.


Jill Anthony’s Maria bemoans the fact that she has simply become “Mrs. Tito,” but this is belied by her snapping eyes, barely suppressed libido, and provocative Italian accent.

- The Express

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