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Facing a Milestone

Several years ago, a friend told me that she and her dad do brain games to keep their minds sharp. The goal is to delay, decrease, or completely ward off memory loss.

I thought this sounded like a good idea, so I decided to download a brain-strengthening app called Lumosity. There are tons of different games. Similar to language-learning apps, you get “credit” for each day you play a brain game.

I honestly don’t know if I told myself I would play Lumosity for a full year or if somehow my brain decided the chain of days to complete was 365. Regardless, that’s only and exactly what I did.

I played Lumosity every single day for 365 days. I didn’t miss a single day. On day 366, I didn’t play. And I have never played since.

It seems perhaps the underlying point wasn’t to strengthen my brain but to prove I could go 365 days without missing a single day. If I had played on Day 366, what would that have meant? When would it ever end?

When losing weight, I have hit my goal weight twice, and then this Lumosity factor kicks in. It’s like my brain says, “We did it. Now let’s do something else,” and totally quits whatever agreement I thought we had.

I understand it isn’t sustainable to play Lumosity every single day for the rest of my life, but I would like to lose weight and maintain that for the rest of my life. That will take a measure of showing up daily going forward.

I started this blog February 1, 2021. This is the final full post to complete one year of writing a blog. I’m feeling the Lumosity factor kicking in. I have lists of ideas, but something inside me is trying to tell me, “We did it. Now let’s do something else.”

I don’t have an end date or end result in mind for this blog. Maybe pushing through this “one-year marker” will help rewire my brain to more long-term thinking. Perhaps it’s the first step to making it to Day 366. The first step to achieving my goal weight and staying there.

My brain is so resistant. It can feel like it’s trying to shut me down. No energy. No focus. A million distractions. Lots of negative mental chatter.

Will I even post this?

And if I do, then what?

We’ll see who wins.

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