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I Cannot Help But Hurt You Poem

I cannot help but hurt you

And you will do the same

It is the price of friendship

Let there be no shame

If you get close enough to see

Behind the armored veil I hide

You’ll see the broken parts of me

Once hidden by my pride

I do not want to show I’m weak

Admit I, too, have needs

I want to be the strength you seek

Not have a heart that bleeds

But if I hide behind a wall

Share only what I want of me

You may think I bared it all

It’s just my bright marquee

While you feel seen

And known, connected

I’m stuck in the in-between

My heart feels less affected

I promise that you’re safe with me

Bring all of you; leave nothing out

I want the same, safe guarantee

My wounded heart has doubt

My heart’s true longing: to be known

Deeply, intimately

My fear says once my cover’s blown

You’ll think the worst of me

I’m willing to embrace your pain

Bear witness to your broken state

But ask the same of you? Insane.

It seems there’s no debate

If we’re to bear each other’s weight

I must strip off this veil of pride

And trust you in this tender state

To share what I’ve denied

Shards of me will pierce your heart

I cannot comprehend it

My pain, my wounds, my broken part

With no way to defend it

To venture down this unknown road

The crippling fear increases

My heart wants to explode

Into a million fractured pieces

I want to laugh and joke and play

Enjoy the finer things in life

What is this painful price to pay

That cuts me like a knife

I’ll boldly lay my armor down

Reveal my bleeding heart

If this is courage, let me drown

Exposed, I’m torn apart

True friendship will impact us both

It’s something we must manage

As we journey toward real growth

We’re each other’s collateral damage

If you should be so bold to share

The pain and darkness that’s within

I, too, will bring the strength to bare

My darkness. Let’s begin.

I cannot help but hurt you

I will not sit in shame

I humbly will accept it’s true

I hope you’ll do the same


Renee Revis
Renee Revis
Sep 08, 2022

Love this, friend.

Jill Anthony
Jill Anthony
Sep 09, 2022
Replying to

Thanks. It's a hard pill for me to swallow. ❤️

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