Read My Lips

Over the years, I’ve had doctors ask me if I’m stressed.

Perhaps stress is causing my digestive issues. Taxing my immune system.

How does one define stress?

I don’t feel stressed.

I live in a fast-paced city, chasing a career in a fast-moving industry, often involved with several in-progress projects at the same time.

I have an internal messaging system that tells me there will never be enough time or enough of me to do all that needs to be done.

I have a hard time unplugging and unwinding.

Does that sound stressful?!

To me, it just sounds normal.

For years, I have wondered how to accurately measure what is “normal” stress and what isn’t.

Recently, I started developing sores in my mouth and on my lips.

Sometimes, I can easily link them to biting my lip or jamming myself in the mouth with a fork, an occurrence I’d like to say is infrequent, but I pride myself on honesty.

Sometimes, I can’t.

Stress can cause both cold sores and canker sores.

I now have my own personal barometer.

Am I stressed?

Read my lips.

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