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Show Up As She Poem

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

A young girl, the daughter of a king, lost her mother when she was very young. Her father is too busy, so she spends most of her time alone.

She is a princess … but doesn’t feel like one. Without a mother to show her how to be a woman, a princess, and eventually a queen, she spends her days hiding in the woods behind the castle, playing with the animals, afraid of who she is expected to become.

One rainy day, she is running in the woods. She slips, falls, hits her head, and is knocked unconscious.

She enters a dream-like state, in which she comes face-to-face with death. Death appears in the form of her mother, and she is not afraid. For the first time since her mother’s death, she feels safe.

My child

Though I cannot be with you

You have never been alone

The animals have seen you through

In these woods, you’re known

I know you often feel afraid

Do not ignore the porcupine

Her body full of quills was made

To keep her children fine

The bunny, known for multiplying

Keeps her babies close

She comforts them when they are crying

Their hearts have her engrossed

Miss Beaver doesn’t give a damn

Whose job it is to build

She works and sweats and builds the dam

Until the space is filled

Look high; look low

Look all around

There’s wisdom to be found

Don’t let your fears reside in tears

There’s history in these grounds

When baby birds are at their best

It's time; they must take flight

With a motherly nudge, they leave their nest

But freedom is found in the fight

The earthworms teach the best lessons of all

Grounded and flexible while small

They humble themselves under all as they crawl

And embody both genders with gall

The beautiful women of every species

Have taught you what I could not teach

There isn’t one way to show up as a “she”

Your heart this message must reach

Whenever I feel so far, far away

Remember I live in your heart

Look deep down inside where forever I’ll stay

And know we’re not so far apart

The young girl begins to feel the sun on her face. As the image of her mother fades, the girl regains consciousness. The rain has ceased. She opens her eyes, sees the Bird circling above her, free; the Beaver collecting sticks, working hard and providing; the Porcupine on the lookout, protecting; and the Bunny nestled next to her, comforting.

She begins to stand with a deeper knowledge of her true identity. She catches her reflection in a puddle of water and sees her mother there.

A rainbow leads her home.


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