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There is Room for You Poem

Beautiful human tapestry

On display for all to see

Complete with every tone and hue

Created with a space for you

Securely linked yet flowing free

With threads connecting you to me

Beauty from ashes, we all must rise

Painful pasts behind bold eyes

Stand up straight with shoulders squared

Poised to face the world prepared

Unique as only you can be

Your place cannot be filled by me

Without you, there would be a hole

An empty void, a missing soul

Please risk believing this is true:

Dear beauty, there is room for you

Nothing spared and none forbidden

All that’s past has been forgiven

Room to grow and room to grieve

And freedom from which to receive

Do you tend to see things clearly

Make suggestions meant sincerely

Met with tension and resistance

Here there’s grace for your assistance

If as support is where you thrive

No spotlight needed to feel alive

Go spin your thread across the loom

And weave your magic through the room

To ladies told that you’re too much

Through pointed words or painful touch

Spread your wings and take up space

There’s room for you here in this place

Do you need time to think things through

To feel them out, churn, and brew

Focus in and find what’s true

There’s space to ponder; room to chew

There’s space to risk and to retreat

To try and fail; wash, rinse, repeat

There’s grace for growth and grace for rest

And room for you to find your best

Have you been wounded or disgraced

Because of gender, form, or race

May this tapestry reveal

A loving space for you to heal

If you feel lonely in a crowd

Don’t have a voice that’s super loud

You’re peaceful with just one or two

Sweet sister, there is room for you

Are you forgotten and unseen

Your gifts expected as routine

Do you want more than to be strong

Here’s a space where you belong

Arm-in-arm we bear the burden

Life has dealt her blow for certain

No one need endure alone

This tapestry can be your home

Stand firmly in your rightful place

Don’t be afraid to hold your space

Nestled in your woven haven

Where your name has been engraven

Radiant beauty on display

Shimmering in the light of day

Every thread securely rooted

In the spot where it’s best suited

The tapestry is never perfect

Though it’s what we oft expect

Some threads are frayed and some are broken

Pieces loose or torn right open

Some threads rub too rough and chafe

Surrounding threads can keep them safe

A tighter weave will come in time

An ebb and flow that is sublime

Acceptance is the goal for all

Our humanness can make us fall

Take a risk in being seen

And the healing it can bring

So I say to you and me

As we view this tapestry

Please risk believing this is true:

Dear beauty, there is room for you

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2 commentaires

My favorite poem ever!! Love this Jill! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Jill Anthony
Jill Anthony
24 août 2021
En réponse à

Thank you, friend! Thanks for helping me refine it! ❤️

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